The 2019 influencer marketing holiday readiness guide

It's that time of year. Retailers are preparing for Black Friday and the holiday season. Chain stores are playing Boney M's Little Drummer Boy. Tinsel is appearing as if by magic. Your online shopping cart is full, and you're ready to purchase as soon as the prices drop. Now is the time to plan ahead and book your influencer marketing campaigns for Black Friday.
It’s October, and preparation for the biggest global shopping experience has begun.

BankservAfrica (an automated clearing house operating in Africa and based in Johannesburg) researched Black Friday sales statistics revealing that South Africans spent a total of R2,897,897,379 for 2018, a 15.92% growth when compared with 2017’s R2,499,876,432. 2019 is looking like a marketing team’s dream.

So how can your brand or agency capitalise on that?

Standing out

With statistics showing the growth rate of influencer marketing coupled with the psychological findings showing consumer attachment to influencers, there is no doubt that influencer marketing will offer an outstanding opportunity for your agency/brand. It will drive consumer interest to your brand and get real recommendations from influencers.
The fact is, people respond to endorsements from people they trust.

While macro influencers and celebrities are fantastic for brand awareness campaigns, micro influencers are everyday people, facing the same financial challenges as their audiences. This makes them far more relatable in this seasonal context, and marketing teams heading into peak buying season would be well served by using them at this time of year. Have your micro influencers drive sales by inviting their audience to plan ahead of the festive season, and to buy now at the highly discounted prices rather than wait for the overpriced Christmas gift season.

We got you

We at R-Squared understand that it’s almost year-end, and brands may not have large budgets to drive influencer marketing campaigns. Now is your opportunity to leverage a perfect framework that will not only promote engagement but also promote your brand’s equity against any advertising risk. You want a return on investment? R-Squared is the expert influencer marketing agency that will create the perfect framework for you.

Send us an email on az.oc.latigid2r@srentrap now and let’s create something magical.

*Written in October 2019. *Michelle Marais at R-Squared, a leading influencer marketing creative agency in South Africa that works with most of the best brands and agencies in the country and internationally. R-Squared Digital is known for its masterful management and its specific industry expertise in designing, executing and managing influencer marketing projects that are extremely engaging, authentic, and protecting the brand equity.

About Michelle Marais

Michelle Marais is an experienced marketer with R-Squared Digital. She has over twenty years' experience in the marketing and advertising sectors, having made the shift from traditional to digital marketing. She's inspired by content creators who have created spheres of influence across multiple social media platforms, transforming online campaigns into real-life experiences for their audiences.
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