Bata develops the Youth Board of Directors

The youngest board of directors in Africa (Bata Youth Board of Directors), aged between 8 and 16, have begun to unveil to Bata glimpses of their insights, into the youthful market sector, which in time will manifest into tangible market desirability. Bata in return are sharing their business expertise, gathered over 125 years of leading the world in innovation, technology and affordability of footwear, along with entrepreneurial skills from Young Entrepreneurs Programme.
“Bata is exposing the youth to a real-life business experience. Entrepreneurship drives the economy, creates jobs and accumulates wealth. The YBOD is fostering innovative thinkers, who challenge the norm and we are very impressed with the value the youth board of directors have added, hence we would like to nurture and empower them to accomplish their best even after their term as “board members” is over says Swastika Juggernath, Marketing Manager, Bata South Africa.

Young Entrepreneurs is a nationwide organisation, driven to close the gap between formal education systems, empowering and preparing children to be their own boss, have a millionaire mind set and be adaptable to the rapidly changing world of work, and business. This is achieved through a variety of age appropriate courses and programmes that tap into and maintain children’s energy and enthusiasm, and facilitate children ‘becoming the authors of their own destiny’.

Having tailored their existing Kidpreneurs entrepreneurship programme specifically for YBOD, all the members are involved in one online class. The course includes 15 manageable lessons, of 60 minutes a week, on business savvy topics like What do businesses do, setting business goals, identifying target markets, calculating profit and marketing plans.

“Our aim is to teach the YBOD vital entrepreneurial skills and help them start and grow their own micro-enterprises in a fun and experiential way. Through this experiential learning process, we will encourage entrepreneurial thinking, spark their entrepreneurial spirit and position entrepreneurship as an attractive career choice, especially in South Africa where we have a spiralling youth unemployment rate.” comments Gregory Chithrai, Young Entrepreneurs Durban North Franchisee.

Follow the journey of our future leaders, resilient to the forces of progress, as they are the revolution, personified.

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Bata customers are individuals with unique lifestyle and also specific taste in shoes and are comfortable with who they are. Bata has a worldwide reach, with operations across 5 continents managed by four Regional Meaningful Business Units.

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