Digital media duo breaks away to launch RebelRebel

A new specialist digital media owner launching in the South African market looks to drive innovation through providing industry-leading tools to brands and agencies in the space.
Digital media duo breaks away to launch RebelRebel
After building strong relationships through work with some of the most pioneering digital innovations in the South African market (anyone remember MXiT?), well-known digital media duo, Mike and Shauna Carter, have this month launched the aptly titled new company, RebelRebel. Building on their reputation for always driving innovation in digital media, the Carters describe the company as a curator of tools that help businesses drive the most value from their media budgets.

“In driving innovation and pushing excellence in service delivery, we’ve made many friends in this industry, so we both felt it was time to get this going. RebelRebel is a challenger within the current digital media owner space, but our portfolio of high-profile tools and platforms means that the roadmap for the company is nothing short of stellar.” says Shauna Carter, who handles operations and sales at RebelRebel.

While their portfolio of products is still under wraps, with announcements being planned throughout Q3, the company has already hit the ground running, picking up the support of a number of agencies and brands throughout South Africa.

“The RebelRebel team have worked tirelessly to curate an exciting portfolio of products that we can now bring to agencies and brands throughout Africa. In most cases, these relationships transcend the traditional reseller model, which means that feedback from clients will shape the products down the line. This is anything but vapid.” continues Mike Carter, now Commercial Partner for RebelRebel.

For more information on RebelRebel, please contact latigid.leberleber@olleh

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