A global first! BrandNest: Your social insurance

In the world we face today, with so many potentialities waiting to break us down at any moment, can we really afford to not be covered? On every level? We don't mean the kind of cover your financial insurance company sells you, we mean social cover.
A global first! BrandNest: Your social insurance

Whether your brand has a social media presence or not, your consumers do.

Should influencers be used in times of brand crisis? We say yes! We at R-Squared Digital are ecstatic to tell you – we’ve got you covered! We are proud to announce a world-first – BrandNest, a social media crisis management solution using influencers.

BrandNest is a dynamic influencer database tailored to your specific target audience. With our state of the art influencer vetting and selection techniques we compile a personalised database of influencers guaranteed to speak to your specific target audience (which you can access in times of crisis) to distribute first line content to a receptive audience. We are able to generate databases varying with your company’s needs, in terms of reach, with packages ranging from 10 to 50 million total followers.

Using our state of the art influencer vetting and selection techniques, we compile a dynamic database of influencers who are guaranteed to speak to your specific audience, but that’s not all… We maintain this database on a monthly basis, vetting all influencers in your personal database to ensure they continuously speak with your target audience. We also screen all influencers regularly for any conflicts of interest, or potential posts that may harm your brand, that may arise after selection has occurred.

When crisis hits; simply click the panic button! All that’s left for your crisis management team to do is to contact the influencers, explain your crisis and what’s needed from them and in no time, positive word-of-mouth will be injected online to balance the conversation around your crisis.

It’s impossible to know when a crisis will tumble your brand or industry into turmoil and in today’s social landscape it may be difficult to keep up with what’s unfolding online, don’t fall behind on the conversation and let the situation get out of hand. Be prepared! So even when your brand is soaring, don’t be afraid to return to the nest – the BrandNest.
  • There is a three-month pilot project running for BrandNest.
  • The full service will be launching 1 February 2019.
  • Join the pilot project: this is an exceptional opportunity for your input to be included in the final offering.

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