Learning South African Sign Language will make you a better communicator

Wits Language School is offering a unique language course, which will soon be an official language, the South African Sign Language (SASL)! The upcoming course, will run from 29 September till 1 December 2018. This language will expose you to a new cultural and linguistic community, whilst at the same time helping you realise the importance of being able to communicate and understand people of the deaf community. Register for the SASL course now and start your journey to becoming a better communicator!
Learning South African Sign Language will make you a better communicator
Wits provides a dynamic, fun learning environment in which to improve your SASL skills with experienced and competent deaf trainers, and the courses are divided into three levels of proficiency in order to maximise your learning experience. Proficiency levels include beginner, intermediate and upper intermediate, with two modules in each level (A and B). Each 40-hour module runs for nine weeks, and certificates of attendance and competence can be obtained for each module.

Course content and proficiency level

Level 1

Beginners will learn the fundamentals of SASL, from correct finger spelling and basic sign language structure, how to use simple phrases and ask and answer questions (module A), to forming and requesting descriptions, expressing likes and dislikes, delivering a monologue of approximately three minutes and understanding short signed dialogues (module B).

Level 2

Intermediate-level students will learn how to maintain short conversations in simple terms, understand short signed monologues, ask questions about a signed monologue and summarise the main points of a short simple signed text (module A), hold conversations with deaf individuals, form correctly structured phrases, explain complex processes, and understand specific predictable information in everyday signed conversations (module B).

Level 3

Lastly, at upper intermediate level, students will learn to communicate regarding specific concrete and abstract tasks requiring a sustained exchange of information, demonstrate understanding of sustained signed conversations delivered by first-language signers, discuss a practical problem and offer a solution, and build on previous knowledge of deaf culture, technology, services and education acquired up to intermediate level (module A), and summarise the main points of a signed text on an unfamiliar topic, deliver prepared presentations and answer questions, narrate a story, understand the main point of many radio and TV programmes, and understand sustained signed conversations and monologues relating to abstract and/or unfamiliar topics.

South Africa needs more people who are fluent users of South African Sign Language. Whether you want to learn it to enhance your career or for personal enrichment, join the Wits SASL course today!

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