Watch Conor McGregor: Notorious first on Showmax

The court case looms for the notorious Conor McGregor who's currently facing three charges of assault and one charge of criminal mischief for his antics at a recent UFC media day in New York, where he threw various objects at a bus carrying other fighters.
Watch Conor McGregor: Notorious first on Showmax

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McGregor’s rampage follows a decision to relieve him of his lightweight championship title, due to his 18-month hiatus from the Octagon.

How did the UFC champion get here? Find out about his road to success in the Conor McGregor: Notorious documentary, first and only on Showmax.

Filmed over four years, this all-access documentary takes you deep into the McGregor camp. It gives you an intimate look into McGregor’s journey, from living on social welfare with his mom in Ireland to collecting nine-figure paycheques and championship belts in America. Watch it now »

McGregor wasn’t a fighting prodigy by any means. In the documentary, you’ll see that he wasn’t hailed as a great upcoming fighter. He was quite average, and pretty broke during his formative years, as his mother will tell you.

But the grit and determination he has to be the best is insane. And you’ll see it come through during his ridiculous training regime in the documentary.

Available first and only on Showmax, Conor McGregor: Notorious features exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes moments starting from McGregor’s first UFC bout all the way to The Money Fight against Floyd Mayweather, which you can also watch on Showmax. Watch it now »

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