First-of-its-kind combined Training Solutions and Research Solutions catalogue published by Enterprises University of Pretoria

The latest biennial products and services catalogue showcases 20 fields of industry with a selection of more than 500 training programmes and short courses paired with 50+ applied research and advisory services.
First-of-its-kind combined Training Solutions and Research Solutions catalogue published by Enterprises University of Pretoria
The rapid and vast changes we are beginning to experience in both our personal and professional lives call for a drastic shift in our thinking patterns and the way in which every industry will need to conduct business in the future. Not only will business models in each and every trade need to transform in order to meet the growing needs and demands of consumers, but – more importantly – we will need to a make shift in the way we see and experience the world.

What better way to remain on top of global changes in every walk of life and industry than through a partnership with a leading training and research provider that is backed by a solutions-driven approach and experts from the University of Pretoria. Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) is facing this challenge head-on by presenting a combined skills development and advisory services offering that is unrivalled in the training and consulting industry through its latest products and services catalogue for 2018/19.

“This is indeed a proud moment to present our new combined Training Solutions and Research Solutions catalogue – a feat that could only be realised through hard work, innovative problem solving, a drive for excellence and an unwavering vision of the future of business,” Mr Deon Herbst, CEO of Enterprises UP, expressed.

The catalogue presents a unique offering across 20 fields of industry that is in line with the latest developments in both private and public sectors – as well as considering local and international trends – to present a solutions-driven approach to organisational objectives, personal career growth and skills and business development needs. Both organisations and professionals alike can benefit from the range of specialised training programmes, short courses, applied research and advisory services – either as distinct products and services, or as combined solutions.

“This is the first time that we can offer such a comprehensive solutions package to our valued clients, stakeholders and business partners. We look forward to forging new and exciting relationships – and strengthening existing ones – going forward in a world governed by unprecedented advances and changes in the way we do business,” Mr Herbst added.

The 2018/19 catalogue is available online at or can be downloaded here.

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