Making water management a priority

This year, National Water Week is observed on 17-23 March 2018 under the theme "Water is Life -20 Years of Water Delivery for Social and Economic Development". It prompts us to reflect on the suffered widespread drought suffered by Western and Southern Africa in recent years. The drought and water shortage devastation has roused the need to manage our water resources more effectively. The quality of natural water resources around the world is also in a state of decline due to nutrients inputs from municipal, industrial and agricultural activities.
A water treatment plant
A water treatment plant

In the South African context, as our economy grows towards that of an industrialised nation, environmental protection and preservation has become extremely important. New efforts to reverse the effects of the addition of artificial or natural nutrients in water bodies requires innovative evaluation and interventions for radical treatment of water sources.

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) presents several water management training programmes and short courses to water engineers and environmental scientists and practitioners. The water courses are designed to provide a theoretical background in the fields of water quality management, water and wastewater treatment design, operation and optimisation, environmental technology, and mastery of the current regulatory framework. Broader open-ended problems are investigated at Master’s and Doctoral level at the University of Pretoria, in order for our graduates to provide leadership and insight into solutions for emerging environmental problems.

The following training programmes and short courses are presented via Enterprises UP to enhance the skills of professionals operational in the specific field:

The courses are presented by specialists such as Prof Evans Chirwa, Professor and incumbent of the Sedibeng Water Chair in Water Utilisation Engineering and Dr Deon Brink, Senior Lecturer in the Water Utilisation and Environmental Engineering Division, University of Pretoria.

The Water Utilisation and Environmental Engineering Division of the University of Pretoria was established in the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1969 to promote excellence in education, training and research. The aim of the division was specifically formulated to provide human capacity for industry and the public sector and raise awareness about the finite nature of the assimilative capacity of the environment.

Visit the following links for more information on our water-related short courses and research and advisory services.

Enterprises University of Pretoria
Enterprises University of Pretoria
Having played a profound part in the history of South Africa for more than 100 years, the University of Pretoria boasts a lasting legacy that endures through a cluster of innovative and multidisciplinary services rendered through Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd.

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