Provantage Media launches in-taxi TV

Provantage Media a leading provider of transit media advertising and communications have announced the launch of an innovative national in-taxi television station called Provantage Transit TV, which will feature in 500 taxis countrywide.
“Minibus taxis currently transport 14,5 million people to work everyday. To monitor and control this vast volume of commuters there are 123,000 registered taxis affiliated to 1055 taxi associations,” says Jacques du Preez, managing director at Provantage Media. “Branding these vehicles has proved to be a highly effective way to expose a brand to a very wide audience. Now, by placing TV screens in selected taxis we have brought a whole new dimension to transit media. This addition to the mix should create even more appeal to advertisers who are currently looking to utilise this form of communication for their brands.”

Provantage Transit TV can be used to supplement a client's above-the-line activities, as well as their outdoor media spend. In addition Provantage Transit TV can also be used to promote live shopping mall and taxi rank activations, to further develop the impact of a complete ‘through-the-line' advertising campaign.

The high quality LCD screens are fitted at the front of the taxi, ensuring excellent visibility for all passengers. “The programmes will include advertisements, blooper reels, ‘did you knows' plus a wide range of other community relevant programming,” says du Preez. “We have been testing the viability of this new medium in the field for the last 14 months. Most significantly, we have found that sound has not proved to be a viable proposition, as the drivers clearly want to ‘own' the sound content in their vehicles. We have therefore modified the programming accordingly by adding sub-titles where necessary.”

The results of an independent survey conducted by Markinor highlighted the impact and reach of this new communication medium. The research found that:
  • 88% of respondents were aware of what was flighted on Provantage Transit TV.
  • 99% of respondents confirmed that they had full vision of the screen for the duration of their journey.
  • 65% of respondents had read the sub-titles.
  • 100% of respondents said that they had been exposed to this advertising in the last seven days.
  • After six weeks, an unaided passenger recall of 32% was recorded, on a fictional product created only for Provantage Transit TV, with 66% recall when aided.
  • A ‘Kick-Off' soccer magazine ad generated a 51% unaided recall and an 85% aided recall after six weeks.
  • Significantly (to marketers) it was also established by Markinor that only 4% of respondents were not employed.

“The benefits to advertisers are clear. Provantage Transit TV, in just the first phase, will offer brands exposure to over 2 million economically active consumers in the primary metropolitan areas of Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape. Provantage Transit TV is not affected by adverse weather conditions and the ‘hustle and bustle' experienced in taxi ranks at peak times. Advertisers are guaranteed to have a captive audience, primarily travelling to or from work, a time that can greatly influence a purchasing decision,” states du Preez. “Provantage Transit TV will be viewed on clear, visible screens with entertaining, informative and relevant content but, most importantly, will not be invasive. The channel will provide a unique visual communication, 365 days a year, which will change the way we communicate with this very important, and historically difficult to reach audience,” he concludes.

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