An out-of-this-world upgrade for Astros

Just Design Jhb jets into deep space for this one
An out-of-this-world upgrade for Astros

South Africans have had an on-going love affair with Cadbury Astros for many many years. These delightful cosmic bites have found their way into our popcorn at the movies, our frozen yogurt in shopping malls and on top of cakes and cupcakes. You name it, we have added Astros to it! So imagine the excitement when Just Design Jhb received the brief to give the brand and packaging a much-deserved upgrade!

The Astros of yesteryear seem misplaced in today’s checkout aisles – with competitors bombarding us with their bright packs, modern finishes and rendered characters. Not an easy fixture to combat. We had to dig deep - deep into the minds of younger consumers to draw out inspiration in the form of pop culture trends and Pixar-styled animation.

An out-of-this-world upgrade for Astros

The resulting design solution not only opts for a much more user-friendly horizontal format, but also brings the brand back into our visual orbit. Colourful, playful and sporting an element of the scientific, Astros has launched straight back into our hearts where it belongs.

Keep an eye on the aisles as new packs start to filter in. This is going to transport you to a new dimension!

Two Gold Pack Awards for Cadbury P.S

An out-of-this-world upgrade for Astros

We are very pleased to announce that our Cadbury P.S. packaging took home two awards at this year’s Gold Pack Packaging Awards. A Silver for Constantia Flexibles' innovative substrate that extends the shelf life of the product, and a Gold Special Mention Judges Award for on-pack communication and use of packaging in building brand equity.

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