Radio waves and musical chairs

This Wednesday the Advertising Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) explores the dynamic radio landscape. Marketers, advertisers and agency communication professionals wanting to stay on top of the radio wave will benefit from this lively discussion.
New licenses, fluctuating audiences, potential monopolies and line-up changes are just some of the challenges facing a medium in transition.

On the 4th July industry experts unpack several issues confronting radio.

  • The announcement of new licenses - should current players brace themselves for shifts in radio revenue?
  • Community radio - are the stations remaining relevant to the communities which they serve? Are they marketing themselves to Agencies?
  • Monopolies - would regional domination result in rapid rate inflation?
  • Industry awards - radio has not been on awards podium. Why the lack of creativity?
  • Is there life left in those frequencies? Is video killing the radio star?
  • Agency expectations from the radio industry - is the industry getting return on investment from radio? Is radio priced right?
  • What impact is the current radio landscape having on the advertising industry?

    The panel will include Given Mkhari, CEO of MSG Afrika Investment Holdings, Wayne Bischoff, Sales Director of Radmark, Moses Mmutlane, National Media Strategy Manager of SABC radio and Gordon Patterson, MD of Starcom. Communication professionals from the marketing, advertising and agency ranks, wanting to stay on top of the radio wave will benefit from this lively discussion.

    "Radio Waves and Musical Chairs" is presented Wednesday, 4th July 2007 at the JSE, 1 Exchange Square, Gwen Lane, Sandown at 16h00 for 16h30.

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