Four ways exercise improves work productivity

It's understandably default mindset to think exercising is all about losing weight and staying fit. But I'd bet that, even if you can't put your fingers on them, you know in your mind that there definitely are more benefits to exercising than those default two.
Exercising gives you tons of other benefits beyond looking good. For example, exercising makes you smarter and more productive, especially at work.

Is your productivity at work dwindling? Or you just feel your employees need a boost in productivity? How about putting aside your regular productivity tips for now, and pay attention to my recommendation: exercise!

Several researches have proved that productivity can be boosted by exercising, even during work time.

Here are four ways exercise improves work productivity:

1. Improves health

Exercise generally improves health. Sure that’s no news to anyone. Apart from commonsense, authorities like Legion have hammered so much on the connection between poor exercising habits and poor health.

How does that have anything to do with work? If this isn’t also obvious then allow me to put it simply for you: if you aren’t healthy, you can’t work – at least not at optimum capacity.

Exercise basically gives you the great health you need to do anything at all, including working productively.

2. Helps handle stress

We all know how stressful work can be, especially in a corporate environment. Stress cannot be totally eliminated, but learning to manage it is essential. Luckily, regular exercise is a great way to deal with stress, as found by a recent Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) poll.

So don’t stress too much over being stressed at work. Develop a workable exercise regimen and follow it religiously. You’d definitely see your stress level take a nosedive, and you’ll become calmer at work.

3. Boosts energy

As counterintuitive as it sounds, exercising boosts your energy to a level that more than sustains you for the whole day, notwithstanding how very tired you might feel immediately after exercising.

Regular exercise improves your muscle strength and gives some boost to your endurance level. Your body produces more energy and gives you more power, physically and mentally. You’ll be able to take on more tasks and you’ll also be able to think more clearly.

4. Improves mood

You’re always in a bad mood at work? Then try exercise. Or you have a colleague that’s always pissed at work? Recommend exercise.

According to Mayo Clinic, exercise releases serotonin, a feel-good chemical messenger in the brain known to stabilise moods and reduce depression. Other mood-boosting hormones and chemicals, like dopamine (for attention and learning) and norepinephrine (influences perception, arousal, etc.), are also released when you exercise. With a combination of all these hormones, exercising simply gives you a mood so good and “unpissable”.

Whatever you do to increase your productivity at work, ensure exercise makes the list. Most of the hundreds of productivity tips out there don’t produce half as much result as exercising. It’s been proven: people who exercise on work days are happier, suffer less stress and are more productive.

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