PVR: death of the 30-second TV ad?

PVR has been called the advertisers' and TV networks executives' worst nightmare. Will the growing popularity of PVR play into the hands of terrestrial television media owners? Will PVR prove to be the beginning of the end for the 30" TV spot?
The Advertising Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) is privileged to present Erik du Plessis who will be addressing this controversial topic at AMASA's next monthly meeting. Apart from being the CEO and founder of Millward Brown Impact, the South African Division of the leading research firm Millward Brown, Erik is an authority on media trends and the author of The Advertised Mind, a book widely endorsed by academics and the advertising world.

Contrary to the concern surrounding PVR and advertising noting, Erik proposes, "The Case for Inadvertent Attention" a theory that PVR is a positive development for television advertising noting levels. He argues that fast-forwarding on a PVR to avoid advertising, will mean more attention to advertising, compared to a lower viewer involvement that normal television advertising commands. Erik will draw on international and local Millward Brown research to back his theory.

Due to the public holidays, the May meeting has been moved to Wednesday, 9th May 2007 at The Inanda Club, 1 Forrest Road, Inanda, Sandton at 16h00 for 16h30. Members of AMASA, media owners, agencies and marketers simply cannot afford to miss "PVR: Death of the 30 Second TV ad?"

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