63% of online South Africans believe that violence against children has become more frequent

The majority of South Africans with access to the internet (63%) believe that violence against children has become more frequent in the last five years. This is in line with the global average of 62% in 28 countries believing that violence against children has become more frequent. This is an important finding in view of yesterday being International Human Rights Day and also the last day of the 16 days of Activism Against Violence Against Women and Children.
These are the findings from a World Vision study conducted by Ipsos. The study, "Fearing Wrong", is based on a survey of 11,331 people from 28 countries, conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of international aid agency World Vision.

Globally, more than three-quarters of people know of a child victim of violence. In South Africa, this figure is 81% - more than four-fifths.

Preventing violence against children

When asked to consider the action being taken against violence aimed at children, half of South Africans believe that not very much is being done to prevent it and two-thirds (67%) say that more needs to be done to protect children from violence in their communities.

However, there is a positive side, with almost two-thirds (66%) of respondents saying that they are optimistic that violence against children can be reduced in their lifetimes.

Respondents do believe that certain institutions are more effective in combatting violence against children. The most effective institution for doing so, according to South Africans, is family (55% saying that it is effective), then social workers (48%) and schools (45%).

Causes of violence against children:

When asked what the possible causes for violence against children are, most cited that it was a result of alcoholism or substance abuse (69%) or previous abuse (64%).

Technical detail:

Interviews were conducted between the dates of 11 - 20 August 2014. Interviews were completed online by 504 South African respondents. The full report is available on

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