Meet the guys in front of (and behind) the IMC Conference

With less than two weeks until the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference, the team is proud to have big names on stage, including the company that built it.
With over 4,000 events in the past seven years, Killowatt AV has rapidly grown from a company of one, with no equipment, to a dynamic team with a reputation for superior service and a high standard of creativity and event execution. Their recent work pays tribute to their story: For every person they connect with at any time, at any place and on any level, is left with one thing... An inspiring power.full experience.

Q&A with Dillon Jearey from Killowatt AV:

What would you like to achieve from the IMC?

Three years ago, we started noticing a decline in above the line communication by brands. Since, there has been a rapid rise in experiential and event-based marketing campaigns.

The IMC Conference is the perfect platform for Kilowatt AV to connect with our target audience. We would love to show everyone at the IMC Conference that there is a technical support company that understands the demands of integrated event-based campaign.

How will you take the IMC to the next level?

We always love giving presenters a platform that make them look like rockstars. When the presenter feels comfortable on stage the delegate receives a better experience. We have designed a great looking set that will be complimented by great content and lighting.

How can AV change an event experience?

Audio and video stimulate two of our major senses. Through clever usage of technical design and great content, AV can really allow a conference delegate to connect to brands to the event experience.

Warren Harding, radio presenter of BizTakeouts - the Marketing and Media radio show on 2Oceans Vibe Radio and Business Development Director for John Brown Media will be the MC for the event. With an array of experience and an avid fan of the event, the IMC Conference team couldn't think of a better front man for the brand.

Q&A with Warren Harding (MC for the IMC Conference)

Tell us about your work - what you're currently doing.

Which one? Well, I keep myself busy with a few things. First and foremost I am the Business Development Director at John Brown Media, an international content marketing agency focused on creating content that engages consumers and promotes conversations between brands and their customers.

I also host a weekly Marketing and Media radio show called BizTakeouts, on 2Oceans Vibe Radio, every Thursday morning 9-10am. The show is focused on the industry leaders and the latest marketing and media trends and developments in both South Africa and internationally. The radio show has also developed some video segments where the BizTakeouts TV crew explore some of the industry events to tap into the minds of the experts.

Lastly, I am also a lecturer at the AAA Advertising School in Cape Town, setting up the curriculum and lecturing post graduate students on Digital Media Marketing.

What inspires you and drives your passion?

Challenges, ideas and people.

Ideas and challenges inspire me into action. If I hear an idea I consider great, I want to do it and I want to do it now. Ideas and challenges keep me learning and allow me to explore and play in the ever-changing marketing landscape we find ourselves in.

Interesting people. I find meeting and chatting to interesting people allows you to see things differently and opens your ideas to new approaches.

Why do you think it's a great marketing conference for the industry?

I think what makes the IMC so special is the format. Not only does IMC include some of the top marketing minds and thought leaders locally and internationally, giving keynote presentations and expert advice, but it also gives attendees a hands on approach in the workshops. The conference allows attendees to tailor the workshop experience to their needs. This way IMC attendees can customise the conference to suit their specific goals as well as gain an insight into what the top brands in SA are doing in terms of integrated marketing communications.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve as the official MC?

Tricks, what on earth do you mean? Maybe some surprises, but I will be focusing on how communication has changed our behaviour as consumers and marketers and also touch of the serious stuff like what Integrated Marketing Communications means for brands. The conference organisers have gone for a more structured theme for the event this year, so I will also be talking about this approach and why the keynote speakers were chosen.

Describe the conference in one word.


The Integrated Marketing Communication Conference (IMC Conference) is a two day, content packed event with a central theme focused on using different combinations of communication disciplines (i.e. Advertising, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, etc.) in synergy, with the purpose of delivering the right message to the desired audience.

Sponsors for the event include: VServ (Lead Sponsor) Phat (Silver Sponsors), Everlytic (Silver Sponsors), (Travel Partner), ZA dot cities, as well as Oude Meester, Scheckter's Energy and ReVite.

For more information on how to register, visit our website or contact 021 180 4111. You can also join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

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