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Shapiro Shaik Defries & Associates (SSDA) is a world-class collections and recoveries business serving financial services and telecommunication providers, retailers, utilities, government institutions and healthcare providers.
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Is your debt collections partner still the right fit for your business and changing market conditions?
Debt collection methodology and strategy has evolved significantly over the years, with changes in laws, regulations, and technology driving these changes. Similarly, the fallout from the pandemic and the subsequent tough economic conditions have demanded a different approach in terms of how debt is collected, and the accommodations needed to help debtors get back on their feet and rehabilitate their accounts. 3 Apr 2023 Read more

Spring clean your approach to money - get a handle on your debt and credit score
As fundamental as money is to the security of our livelihoods, it is one of the least understood and poorly managed essential commodities. Millions of South Africans find themselves struggling with bad debt that they are unable to get a hold on, many have a poor grasp of their spending habits, and few actively monitor their credit profile with a view to improving it. Heaping on more pain for indebted consumers, the current economic environment of record high inflation, rising interest rates and a much more expensive cost of living is amplifying the strain that many households are experiencing. The time to grab the debt bull the horns and put a plan in place to manage your recovery is now! 8 Sep 2022 Read more

Consumers struggle to service debt repayments as living costs rise sharply
Time to batten down the hatches and deal with expensive debt as interest rates and inflation take their toll. 7 Jul 2022 Read more

Millions of South Africans are drowning in debt and have no plan to break the debt spiral
In an environment of rising interest rates, declining monthly household incomes, growing inflation and the highest fuel prices we have ever faced in our history, South Africans are facing extraordinary financial headwinds and struggling to service their debt on credit cards, store/retail cards, overdrafts and personal loans. Indebted South Africans have reached a point where the overall debt to annual net income ratio across all income bands has reached its highest level ever. 14 Mar 2022 Read more

The changing face of debt collection in the pandemic recovery
One of the lasting impacts of COVID-19 is going to be a significant increase in distressed, financially vulnerable consumers, many of whom will find themselves with impaired credit records through no fault of their own. Credit providers simply cannot assume a business-as-usual approach in the COVID-19 recovery stage. 15 Nov 2021 Read more

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