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Duke unveils JiVE's vibrant summer campaign 'JiVE with …'

Leading full-service advertising agency, Duke, has proudly announced the launch of JiVE's summer campaign, 'JiVE with …' launched at an event hosted at the historic Castle of Good Hope. The campaign features creative executions across various platforms, including radio, social media, and out-of-home (OOH).
Duke unveils JiVE's vibrant summer campaign 'JiVE with …'

Doug Larter, creative director at Duke, shared his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating: "As a brand, JiVE is all about inclusivity and community. This summer, we seized an opportunity to broaden our audience reach and craft a campaign that celebrates something truly unique – the incredible nicknames of the Cape. It means that JiVE now has a bottle with everyone's 'real' name on it – ‘cos we mos all family."

The Western Cape, known for its blend of heritage, culture, and humour, is once again in the spotlight, this time with the beloved JiVE cooldrinks sparking conversations, shares, and snaps. A total of 80 local nicknames are immortalised on JiVE bottles, destined for fridges across the region.

"JiVE is a community brand and beyond high-quality, affordable products, we strive to be a catalyst of meaningful connection, making JiVE the preferred flavoured cold drink of the WC and a cherished part of family moments," says Niyaaz Hendricks, brand marketing manager for JiVE.

The campaign encapsulates JiVE's commitment to community and celebration. With the brand elevating its message of sharing and demonstrating its ability to convey an authentic and engaging narrative.

Founder Sharief Parker reflected on JiVE's roots, saying: "When I started JiVE in 1991, it was humble beginnings with a small factory in Athlone. From the outset, we saw ourselves as a community brand, and that essence, innovation, and values continue to be inspired by our local community to this day."

Duke unveils JiVE's vibrant summer campaign 'JiVE with …'
Duke unveils JiVE's vibrant summer campaign 'JiVE with …'

As the preferred flavoured cooldrink brand in the Western Cape, boasting 25 diverse flavours, JiVE successfully selected nicknames that resonate as powerfully today as they did a decade or two ago.

Nicknames, akin to cherished fragments of Cape culture, serve as connectors across time, celebrating the vibrancy of shared heritage. They weave a profound tapestry of stories that bind individuals together, reminding us of the resilience and beauty defining Cape heritage, culture, and language.

“JiVE, acting as an effervescent ambassador, has established an extraordinary bond with the Cape community. Through its distinctive presence and refreshing spirit, JiVE remains a timeless companion, quenching thirst, and fuelling moments of unity, joy, and togetherness in the rich tapestry of Cape culture,” adds Fu’aad Kasu, creative director at Duke.

23 Nov 2023 10:52