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Making a difference in the public sector for the benefit of South Africa

Global challenges are becoming increasingly complex each day, and South Africa is no exception. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica), and its members and associates (members) are unwavering in their commitment to utilise their specialised skills and knowledge for the betterment of the country. As a leading accountancy body, Saica, together with its members, is a committed partner in making a positive difference in South Africa, offering support to the government, members, and stakeholders in this endeavour.
Msizi Gwala, project director for Enabling Competencies at Saica
Msizi Gwala, project director for Enabling Competencies at Saica

Shifting gears, changing culture

Saica is determined to be a catalyst for change in the public sector by harnessing the power of its members and strategic partnerships. Its aim is to make a difference that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional accountancy. Saica members provide responsible leadership in the public sector, focusing on stabilising public finances, ensuring compliance, creating sustainable value, and supporting efforts to professionalise the sector and promote ethical behaviour.

The auditor-general of South Africa's (AGSA) #cultureshift2023 strategy is bold, courageous, and inspiring. It sets out an ambitious plan to achieve a meaningful and sustainable positive impact in the public sector by influencing and transforming the existing culture in public administration. Saica acknowledges the pivotal role that culture plays in driving sustainable change within the public sector and commits to promoting a culture of performance, accountability, transparency, professionalism, and integrity in the sector through its members, advocacy, thought leadership and by supporting the work of the AGSA.

Making a positive difference

The accountancy profession is rooted in the principles of acting in the public interest, with the power to make a valuable contribution to shaping communities, economies, and society. Finance touches every aspect of society, and Saica members possess the skills, perspectives, and training necessary to drive real change when it is most needed.

Through their expertise, Saica members can influence government decisions that have far-reaching social and environmental implications. Saica encourages its members to embrace their roles as advocates for responsible, professional practices in the public sector, stabilising public finances, enhancing service delivery, promoting environmental sustainability for a more prosperous South Africa.

Sounds the call to come together

Addressing the complex societal challenges faced by our country requires collaboration and collective action. Saica, following the lead of the AGSA, recognises the importance of activating the accountability ecosystem to effect meaningful change. Fostering effective partnerships and ensuring that each stakeholder plays a critical role in the ecosystem, can truly make a difference and improve public sector accountability. Saica aims to create collaborative platforms that facilitate knowledge exchange, foster collaboration, and drive collective impact.

In line with the Institute's commitment to making a difference in the public sector, Saica will be hosting its Inaugural Public Sector Summit on 15 August 2023, in Sandton, Johannesburg. This summit will bring together leaders and professionals to deliberate on key issues and share insights for driving positive change. The summit will serve as a platform to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and develop strategies that address the unique challenges faced by the sector, with a specific focus on improving transparency, accountability, governance, and exploring the role of the profession in the professionalisation of the public sector.

Bookings for the complimentary summit are open to both members and non-members and can be made here, where additional information can also be found.

4 Aug 2023 12:48


About the author

Msizi Gwala is project director for Enabling Competencies at SAICA.