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800,000 ... and counting

On the brink of its 2nd birthday, eVOD has reached an impressive milestone of 800,000 registrations. EVOD is a streaming success story, and seen as one of the fastest growing, subscription-free, streaming platforms in South Africa. The eMedia online streaming platform launched in August 2021, and allows viewers to watch movies, series, Afrikaans telenovelas, documentaries, and much more on any device, at any time.
800,000 ... and counting

The popular streaming service is adding content just as fast – currently showcasing 24 locally produced eOriginal shows (6) and movies (18) since inception, and at this rate the service is adding a new locally produced title every month. This is in line with eMedia’s investment and focus in local productions, creating work and exposure in the local economy, and celebrating exceptional local talent in South Africa.

Some of the most popular movies viewed on eVOD is Piet’s Sake (starring the late Jamie Bartlett) and Abafana Ababi. Some of the recently added movie titles include Yolanda is Swanger, and a Piet’s Sake 2. The next title is already on the way – Seconds (starring Vusi
Kunene) releases in July and promises to be a masterpiece of directing and acting. A second season of Splintered Pieces (series) also released in April this year. eVOD’s Catch-Up Feature allows viewers to view missed episodes of local series. House of Zwide is under the most viewed titles on this feature.

We are excited about the growth of eVOD, and the strong affinity and support for local content. EVOD hopes to enable many more South Africans to view 'your shows, your way' on any device and at any time.

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27 Jun 2023 11:25