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Wavemaker's Audience Solutions delivers personalised, data-driven insight

In early 2023, international media house Wavemaker announced the launch of its data solu-tions team: Wavemaker Data and Analytics. The new offering comprises five pillars, the first of which is Audience Solutions.
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In a media saturated world, personalisation matters. Increasingly, consumers expect to receive content that is specifically targeted to their needs. Brands understand this and have made creating ever more tailored content a critical priority. The best way to do this, of course, is through Wavemaker’s Audience Solutions offering.

“We need to move beyond demographics,” says Nadine Vermeulen, Wavemaker’s Audience Solutions lead. “We need to delve into consumers’ mindsets, identify their pain points and passion points, and understand how they consume and interact with media touchpoints. Only with this insight can we ensure we speak to consumers throughout their purchase journey, while minimising the risk of alienation.”

Using proprietary research and first, second and third-party data connections, Audience Solutions segments audiences to provide clients with detailed and actionable insight into their consumers.

In 2021, Wavemaker worked with Colgate-Palmolive, a long-standing client, to deliver a step change in personalisation. “As part of our digital transformation at Colgate-Palmolive, we wanted to engage better with the people of South Africa,” says Carrick Massey, marketing director Colgate-Palmolive SA.

“Leveraging data and analytics, the Wavemaker team developed rich and granular audiences with whom we could communicate. The team were then able to develop targeted communication to each precision audience. We are now able to target growth audiences for each of our brands, which has led to improved media efficiency, and better financial and market share performance.”

Not every need can be addressed using cookie-cutter solutions. In these instances, the Wavemaker team create, deploy and implement bespoke alternatives to ensure that decisions are made using sound, reliable and actionable data.

Vermeulen, with the support of Kholofelo Makgopa, is establishing Wavemaker Audience Solutions as the bridge that connects where Wavemaker’s clients currently stand to where they need to be.

“Our goal,” Vermeulen says, “is to ensure our clients always stay ahead of the curve.”

2 Jun 2023 13:55