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WiFi enabled walls

As part of our ongoing commitment to help brands communicate with and engage township consumers more deeply, we are consistently innovating to ensure that our walls aren't just walls, they are the centrepieces of conversation that connect brands with township consumers, building memories and long-lasting relationships.
WiFi enabled walls

The MetroFibre angel wings with WiFi enabled walls

In addition to our groundbreaking WiFi enabled walls that track the actual traffic numbers per site, we have now introduced interactive 3D walls that take brand communication beyond the visual two-dimensional world into the magical world of 3D interactivity. MetroFibre Networx 3D angel wings are enabling communities to interact with MetroFibre in a way that has, up until now, been inaccessible.

We can do the same for you! Let us help you build innovative outdoor campaigns that evoke emotion, excitement and wonder, creating long-term memories that connect brands to their target audiences more deeply and meaningfully.

25 May 2023 16:41