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Boosting the team leader: Camsoft unveils Maximizer's Sales Leader Edition

Any good sales leader knows that success comes down to the quality - and performance - of the salespeople. That being said, shouldering the responsibility for a team's sales success can be very onerous and stressful. Customer relationship management (CRM) global leader Maximizer has unveiled a new solution - Sales Leader Edition - specifically designed to assist the sales manager or sales team leader.
Boosting the team leader: Camsoft unveils Maximizer's Sales Leader Edition

Today, many companies have realised that they need to use far more than the traditional manual method of monitoring using spreadsheets and phone calls, to keep sales on track. Camsoft Solutions, which has been providing CRM to a wide local client base for three decades, proudly offers internationally-acclaimed Maximizer solutions, supported and enhanced by local expertise.

CRM software helps businesses to develop a deeper understanding of their customers to maximise their value. As a world-leading OEM software supplier, Maximizer’s CRM solutions provide the business intelligence and profiling which allows Camsoft Solutions’ clients to benefit from a 360-degree view of their customers. Now, an exciting new update from Maximizer improves the functionality and solutions even more: increasing sales and reducing the stress of leading a sales team.

Back to CRM basics

By working with an effective CRM system, sales team members are able to sell more: attracting new clients, converting and retaining them, and then growing their customer base.

At the same time, sales leaders or managers have a complete overview of all elements of their operations, in one central place. This includes keeping track of customer engagement, potential leads, workflow, and tasks assigned to individual team members.

Therefore, a good CRM system allows all the elements of a business to be brought into one central place, allowing managers to understand their business’s day-to-day procedures, to track the activities of sales teams and the status of customer relationships. These are all extremely powerful business intelligence indicators and metrics, which can be used to drive an organisational ‘fitter’ as well as a more successful business – exemplifying the old adage that ‘knowledge is power’.

Boosting the elite sales team leader

Maximizer’s recently launched Sales Leader Edition is a CRM solution ‘on steroids’, which has specifically been designed for elite sales people and the elite sales team leader – providing great insights and allowing for assessment and coaching of the sales team to achieve sustainable success.

With Sales Leader Edition, sales leaders do not have to wait until a sales report arrives to find out how the team has performed. Features include the following:

  • Opps Viewer: Allowing sales leaders to know what their salespeople are doing, and not only what they have done
  • Sales Intelligence: Providing insights on productivity, and allowing sales leaders to more accurately predict revenue and drive desired behaviours in their teams
  • Quota Tracker: Allowing sales leaders to set sales quotas and align them with results.

Maximizer Sales Leader Edition can also be accessed anywhere and at any time, using the feature-rich mobile applications for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition allows sales leaders to build up very powerful and effective knowledge and insights, which enables their sales teams to achieve greatly improved performance and longstanding relationships – all with an ability to pre-emptively anticipate and meet clients’ requirements.

Ultimately, happy customers equate to consistently stronger sales by a successful sales team, whose efforts are supported and sustained by great team leaders, combined with the use of an excellent CRM system.

3 Feb 2023 09:12


About the author

Mark Annett is Camsoft Solutions head of CRM Sales and Consulting.