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Women of Wonder 2022: Briefly News celebrates South African innovators, leaders and trailblazers

Briefly News Women of Wonder 2022 will celebrate a diverse group of proudly South African women from all backgrounds who succeeded despite the obstacles they faced.
Nonkululeko Gobodo, Boipelo Mabe and Melene Rossouw are just some of the amazing Briefly News Women of Wonder 2022 recipients. Images: Supplied
Nonkululeko Gobodo, Boipelo Mabe and Melene Rossouw are just some of the amazing Briefly News Women of Wonder 2022 recipients. Images: Supplied

South African leading news and entertainment website Briefly News launches a Women of Wonder 2022 Awards to highlight the incredible success stories of strong women who are leaders, pioneers, and innovators in their communities.

The team searched high and low for people whose stories will resonate with and motivate other women.

From business owners who succeeded despite serious health diagnoses, women who fought to get out of poverty, women proving their haters wrong, to politicians who want to see a younger, more diverse political landscape, Briefly News' writers interviewed people from all walks of life.

"Our goal is to create inspirational content that shows our audience what the embodiment of a resilient and strong South African woman is.

"I believe there are dozens of unsung heroes among us. Most importantly, women are leading in their respective fields, and we want to share their amazing stories," said Rianette Cluley, managing director of Briefly News.

The Briefly News Women of Wonder 2022 project aims to inspire other women to succeed despite their challenges and to motivate them to go beyond their limits.

"This project aims to reach young and old, from cities to rural towns. It's important that we reach the teen girls and women who think their dreams are unachievable.

"Briefly News wants to show them their aspirations are valid and within reach, no matter the challenges they face.

"We can accomplish this by sharing stories of the incredible women who came before them," Cluley added.

Giving Mzansi's women a voice

After starting a new content direction, Women Empowerment, earlier this year, Briefly News realised there are amazing women in South Africa whose stories need to be shared.

Nonkululeko Gobodo became the first shero of Briefly News Women of Wonder 2022

In the first Briefly News Women of Wonder 2022 story, Briefly News reported that Nonkululeko Gobodo made history despite facing racism and falling pregnant when she was 17.

Gobodo is South Africa's first black-qualified chartered accountant.

In an exclusive interview, Gobodo told Briefly News that even her mother was worried about whether she had what it took to make it in life:

"Women have grown up in a society where they have been considered inferior and that they do not belong in certain positions or boardrooms.

"The women of today need to be their authentic selves in their respective positions without having to constantly fight to be heard or match up to their male counterparts.

"If we compromise or abandon ourselves, we are not going to change anything."

If you want to participate or nominate amazing South African women for Briefly News’ next special projects or want to be featured in one of Briefly News' women empowerment articles, please email az.oc.ylfeirb@tcatnoc with Women Empowerment in the subject line.

15 Dec 2022 08:57