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Grey Advertising Africa awarded South Africa's most loved bread brand, Albany

Grey Advertising Africa has been awarded the above-the-line business for Albany after a three-way agency pitch.
Grey Advertising Africa awarded South Africa's most loved bread brand, Albany

Tiger Brands Limited, SA's largest food company, with a portfolio of proudly South African brands like Albany, Jungle Oats, KOO, All Gold, Beacon and Crosse & Blackwell decided to explore a new strategic platform for its much-loved Albany brand that will ensure long-term, sustainable growth.

“The Grey team presented a fresh new creative platform for Albany that matches the new direction we will take the Albany brand. We are excited about the partnership with Grey and look forward to sharing the fresh new communications we will create together….", said Lorraine de Graaff, marketing director at Baked Goods.

Paul Jackson, CEO of Grey Advertising Africa, said: "Bread is fundamental to our daily lives and one of the most important staples for South Africans. But the category has become incredibly commoditized. We look forward to bringing a fresh new take to this category and the way consumers interact with the Albany brand.”

“From the first brand immersion to the presentation, we loved every interaction with the Albany team. We found their energy infectious and their aspirations for a fresh new approach for the Albany brand exciting. Grey is incredibly proud of the quality of the work presented and for being awarded the Albany ATL business. We take this appointment seriously as we know that we are being entrusted with one of South Africa’s most loved heritage brands. Thank you, Lorraine, and the Tiger Brands marketing team, for entrusting us and for the opportunity to produce our brand of Famously Effective work.”

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18 Nov 2022 10:40