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Being consistent in a disruptive world

Across the world, businesses are facing turmoil. The status quo continues to be disrupted by seismic economic shifts including rising inflation and the risk of recession. New technologies and 4IR innovations are permanently changing the way we live and work, and cultural and demographic shifts are constant.
Anke Nel, business unit head (media), Wavemaker SA
Anke Nel, business unit head (media), Wavemaker SA

And yet, despite this flux, companies are still looking for quick and low-cost solutions to be disruptive themselves. Being the latest trend has never been more important.

Let’s unpack this for a second.

In most instances, advertisers that manage to create a lot of hype within a small budget are consistent or have adopted a solid, always-on approach. What they do is look for small moments of relevancy and use them to their benefit. From an outsider’s perspective, this is often perceived as being disruptive, when really it’s just smart and strategic.

Working in South Africa lends itself naturally to this approach. The country consistently faces challenges — load shedding, water cuts and political drama are part of our day to day. Amid this disruptive environment, consumers are receptive towards clever solutions and savvy perspectives that cast fresh light on certain issues, make them laugh, or offer inspiration.

Instead of focusing on being disruptive, therefore, media and advertising agency partners should look for moments that intrigue and inspire, moments that spark an emotional response and a strong connection with consumers. If they do, being relevant and top of mind for consumers comes naturally.

Amid all this disruption, consistency (with a hint of flexibility) is key. Instead of seeking newer, faster and more affordable solutions, having the discipline to stay the course is where the real value lies.

3 Nov 2022 11:31