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3 masterminds. 2 heists. 1 prize. Everything to lose...

Gereza. More than an adrenaline-fueled heist film... it's a modern take on a Robin Hood story... an inspired and fresh take on the future and a triumphant call to the youth to overcome and rise above the corruption, in order to use their own ingenuity to improve the lives of the people for a South African reality in which we all win.
3 masterminds. 2 heists. 1 prize. Everything to lose...

Three young philanthropist entrepreneurs, known as the 'Triple O's', decide to take the law into their own hands when they get an anonymous tip off that a cash-in-transit truck carrying government tender funds they were fairly awarded, is going to be hijacked.

Intent on plotting the perfect heist within a heist, the cousins craft an immaculate plan to hoodwink the heist, but their plan soon spirals out of control, launching a high-speed car chase with the Metro Police that forces them into the notorious Alexandra Township.

Their goal is to launch a cryptocurrency called 'Kasi Dollar', which is to be used in the townships of South Africa to economically empower its disregarded residents. However, the Triple O’s get more than they bargained for when they realize that the 'heisters' they intercepted are led by none other than the notoriously corrupt and vicious police officer Captain Mokwepa, aka 'Snake', who immediately shuts the city down and orders all police to pursue the Triple O’s.

They are framed as the sole suspects, being thrust into a deadly cat-and-mouse pursuit in a locked off Alex township, where danger lurks in every corner, and where help arrives from the most unsuspecting sources.

Gereza dissects the very core of corruption, cocooned within an adrenalin-filled car chase through Johannesburg, and a high stakes court case where not only the lives of the Triple O’s business partners are at stake, but the future of the Kasi as whole.

Starring Lithemba Mkoka, Anele Zondo, Jesse Sumtele. Gereza launches on 18 October and can be seen exclusively on eVOD.

19 Oct 2022 11:48