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Bateleur wins Research and Development Acquisition international award

Market research provider, Bateleur Brand Planning, has been recognised as the winner of the inaugural Research and Development Awards by Acquisition International, a leading B2B publication.
Bateleur wins Research and Development Acquisition international award

Acquisition International launched the Research and Development Awards to acknowledge the work that goes into an often-overlooked industry. Many of the extraordinary advancements the public is exposed to are due to the team's incredible efforts that worked tirelessly to bring a vision to reality.

The awards committee expressed: "We've seen greater importance for this sector over the past 18–24 months with the global pandemic constantly evolving. Due to Covid-19, the significance of research and development in making a positive change to global markets has been emphasised. Utilising insights and information to determine how consumer needs and desires have changed, research and development help to bring consumer expectations into a reality."

Marketing director of Bateleur Brand Planning, Kim-Lee de Vries, shared that these awards showcase the importance of innovation, creativity, and future thinking to the greater business landscape. She added: "Our team is pleased to be acknowledged as we value being considered amongst the best of the best. We offer bespoke solutions that solve the problem at hand and pride ourselves on using a range of traditional and futuristic research methodologies.

Acquisition International has been running for nine years and has grown to a circulation of 108,000 readers in over 170 countries.

28 Sep 2022 09:45