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Let's plastic responsibly

Safripol is a leading polymer producer and marketer, serving valued customers and markets in South Africa and beyond. A proud member of KAP, a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed company, they have grown to become the second largest polymer producer in sub-Saharan Africa, with customers in every sector of industry and business.

Together with their partners and clients, their products touch the lives of people across almost every industry, from medical equipment and food packaging, to industrial piping and energy products, to carpets and children’s toys, and so much more.

Safripol leads the charge to ‘plastic responsibly’. They are committed to the pursuit of a working circular economy, safeguarding our natural resources, and to creating a sustainable future for all.

Let's plastic responsibly

Recently Safripol celebrated World Clean Up Day with action! This year, we’ve partnered with multi-party stakeholders such as AECI Limited, Sasol, PETCO, the South African PET Plastic Recycling Company (Producer Responsibility Organization) Averda, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, government (both local municipalities and provincial), as well as community members in a joint clean-up effort in the Free-state. On 15-16 September, we partnered on various initiatives to encourage and drive a cleaner environment in the Zamdela and Vanderbijlpark areas. The joint clean-up activities over the 2 days focused on clearing waste from two illegal dumping sites adjacent to the Theha Setjhaba Primary School and the SAVF Kammaland nursery school; waste recycling awareness training for the community; setting up a vegetable garden tunnel at the Theha Setjhaba Primary School; and beautifying the greenbelt area used by the SAVF Kammaland nursery school by planting of trees.

Let's plastic responsibly

Safripol believes that for change to be effective it must be sustainable. Therefore, they are proud of being part of this multi-stakeholder initiative and to be working together to make grass-roots impact in their local communities.

20 Sep 2022 14:17