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Kap Industrial Holdings: Being the change

When catchphrases become action, a measurable positive impact that is both planet-focused and business-focused is achieved, but it starts with being the change you want to see in the world.
Kap Industrial Holdings: Being the change

We love a good catchphrase. As people, catchphrases make us feel like we’re ticking the right boxes. We get to throw around phrases like ‘going green’, ‘sustainability’, and more. They make us feel as though we’ve done our bit.

The truth is there’s nothing wrong with catchphrases. Provided they pave the way for a path you’re willing to travel. At Kap, we have our own set of catchphrases, but we believe these serve more as pillars, driving our actions.

We are motivated by a philosophy shared throughout our family of companies which centres around having a measurable positive impact on the world around us. The word 'measurable' is important here because it speaks to accountability. We don’t simply talk about change, we act, which is why our focus is on being the change.

What does being the change mean? For us it means we believe that we have an important role to play in creating change. It is no longer enough to merely have sustainability. We need to be regenerative in our approach, benefitting all around us.

Kap is a company of close to 20,000 great people. We operate in diverse industry sectors producing products and services which impact on people’s daily lives. And through this we believe that we can mobilise our resources to produce good returns for our investors, with the return of good to society.

How do we do this? We inspire and enable beautiful living spaces through the manufacture of decorative panels used in kitchens, offices, and bedrooms. We also enhance people’s wellbeing through the power of sleep on the sleep products that we produce. We enhance the comfort and style of vehicles through components that we make, and we improve the safety on our roads through world class technology. We also supply a range of integrated operational and logistics services which free up our clients to grow their businesses. And finally, we produce world class polymers, which responsibly shape our world.

Kap Industrial Holdings: Being the change

At Kap we have realised that we can change the way society thinks and behaves, for the better. This principle is now leading Kap on an exciting journey, and all Kap's businesses are part of that journey.

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