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Remastering Miriam Makeba for Bain's whisky TVC

A Bain's Whisky TVC recently launched, blending rare authentic historical footage, contemporary live action, and AI technology in creating the 're-mastered' Miriam Makeba singing her famous Pata Pata song.
Remastering Miriam Makeba for Bain's whisky TVC

Strategic digital marketing consultancy Hoorah chose leading production company Egg Films to recreate the world-renowned and iconic South African artiste Miriam Makeba in this engaging and alluring production, which brought Miriam Makeba 'back to life' in a contemporary setting.

Specialist footage and licensing company, Greatstock, researched their extensive international resources, and then licensed key vintage footage, which was skilfully combined CGI with carefully crafted live action. Egg’s Zwelethu Radebe directed the many diverse aspects of the production.
Radebe cast the on-camera live action artiste for her overall physical likeness to Makeba, as well as her ability to study, and then mimic, Makeba’s signature body moves while singing.

In this collaborative creative effort, Egg’s Kerry Hosford produced, and Black Ginger’s Daniel Eckstein plied his expertise as compositor on the Nuke system.

“We love this kind of project” says Greatstock’s Margi Sheard. “it’s a privilege to work with legacy material of such an iconic South African performer, and creatives at the top of their game.”

Watch on YouTube here: A Bain’s Whisky Experiment

5 Sep 2022 09:15