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Influencer marketing: It just works!

We know from experience that brands must invest the considerable effort in selecting and vetting their chosen influencers for influencer marketing to be successful.
Influencer marketing: It just works!

To accurately deliver the message the brand wants to communicate with its audience, the influencer we choose is crucial.

We recognise the value of actively participating in the selection of influencers who are most compatible with campaigns, in the development of an influencer campaign brief, and in the approval of content prior to publication.

This provides marketers a great deal of influence over the course of the campaign and the messages spread about their brand.

Brands may cultivate long-lasting prosperous collaborations by spending more time selecting and recruiting genuine influencers who share their values.

Influencer management can be without experience can be hit or miss leading to badly performing campaigns, and every brand manager’s worst nightmare – reputational damage. That is why we build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with the content creators we work with and the brands we work for.

The fact that there are several stakeholders, including a brand, a client, and a variety of influencers with varying personal schedules to collaborating on a campaign, can make it challenging. There are just so many moving parts and balls to juggle!

If you rise above these challenges, stunning campaigns can consistently be delivered on schedule, every time. The content creators we collaborate with frequently go above and beyond what is required, resulting in thousands of Rands worth of extra value content and ROI.

This makes us and, more importantly, our clients very happy!

Increased brand awareness and reach, a richer content strategy, as well as the ability to tap into the content creators’ niche audience to reach potential new consumers, are advantages of a successfully run influencer campaign.

We'd like to introduce you to four content creators with who we recently collaborated and who delivered everything and then some.

Influencer marketing: It just works!

Cherise Roberts (@singlejoburgmomblog) has 24,100 followers and perfectly fits into an often-overlooked demographic, which is the kick-ass single mom demographic.

Roberts is easy to work with, and her content is always beautifully curated.

Juan-Ri Mostert (@juanrimostert5) is a mom of three and rugby wife of Springbok Franco Mostert.

Mostert has 20,900 followers, and she certainly makes being a full-time mom and juggling campaigns look easy.

It is evident that she knows her audience and how to engage with them authentically.

Jessica Rumo (@itsonly jessica) is a lifestyle content creator, a stunning mother of one, and an accomplished cook.

She has 26,000 followers and a beautiful yet relatable Instagram aesthetic.

Boledi Makanatleng (@mrspboledi) is a psychology graduate, mental health mommy blogger, content developer, and champion for holistic wellness and exercise as a means of maintaining mental health.

Makanatleng has 4,862 total followers, and a whopping engagement rate of 9.6%.

"I genuinely enjoy working with Cindy from Hustle Media. Lots of work will be done, and even during chaos, she will somehow make it fun," said Makanatleng.

We are proud to have worked with Mustard Seed - Relationship Marketing on the Cresta and Menlyn Easter campaigns, which were conceptualised by them. They’re a full-service marketing agency with an exceptionally competent team.

It was wonderful to collaborate with Mustard Seed, and exciting to see the results it delivered.

"Hustle Media has collaborated with Mustard Seed on influencer campaigns for several of its retail brands.

"I am certain that collaboration, not competition, is the key to every company's success and future growth, including mine," said Cindy Laufs, Hustle Media founder and CEO.

Laufs added that collectively they could bring so much more to the client's table than a stand-alone entity.

"Working with Mustard Seed has been a real treat. Collectively we work towards the same goal – excellence."

Influencer marketing: It just works!

The Cresta Shopping Centre Easter campaign delivered 357,608 reach, 362,985 impressions, and 3,432 engagement.

The Menlyn Shopping Centre Easter campaign finished with 135,952 reach, 137,264 impressions, and 3,032 engagement.

An overlook at the performance across all our campaigns shows that we have achieved 1,207,677 reach, 1,362,699 impressions, and 44,347 engagement.

Influencer marketing is undeniably beneficial to your brand's reputation and credibility.

Furthermore, collaborating with influencers allows you to win their audience's trust. This is the ideal tool for building a committed army of brand champions over time. It helps you raise brand awareness and increase income.

If you're still not sure that influencer marketing can add that extra something to your next campaign, consider the numbers and trends below.

Influencer marketing: It just works!

If you're looking to add influencers to your next campaign, get in touch and let's create something wonderful together.

7 Jul 2022 11:15