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Ocean Basket's new global website launches!

Known locally for nearly three decades as a much-loved seafood restaurant that serves plentiful portions of seafood and sushi, Ocean Basket has been making waves internationally, prompting the update of its website's UX and UI design, in order to deliver real value for customers - near and far - while telling the Ocean Basket story to the rest of the world!
Ocean Basket's new global website launches!

Ocean Basket has been a client of So Interactive for 14 years, which meant our team was tasked with the job. Because considered UX Design is so integral to building something that matters, with the target audience in mind, we embarked on a collaborative deep dive via virtual workshops with the Ocean Basket team in South Africa, and abroad. This ensured we could truly understand the brand, and its unique challenges, to deliver a strong UX strategy that would better inform the website’s look and feel.

Collaborative workshops like these have long been an important part of So Interactive’s methodology, because of their ability to build a stronger relationship between agency and client; to ensure we’re clear on the goal, and capable of working together to deliver the highest level of purpose-informed work for optimal results.

Ocean Basket's new global website launches!
“So Interactive’s workshops helped us understand the value and proposition of our brand in a digital context – and beyond! We gained an understanding of how to add real value into the lives of our customers and uncovered the various gaps in our brand communication on both a local and global scale.” – Morgan Mynhardt, global brand manager

The result, informed by design-thinking tools conducted in the workshops, is a delicious new site that’s rich with appetite appeal, modern, and user-friendly, delivering an effortlessly effective UI Design, and an improved customer experience for anyone seeking information about everything from allergens to the location of their nearest restaurant.

In addition to the high-level global site for an international audience, we also developed site-specific iterations that are tailored to the different countries in which Ocean Basket has launched, including Mauritius, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Eswatini, Botswana, Kenya, Russia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Malta, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Ocean Basket's new global website launches!

The secret sauce of the project’s success was the collaboration. From start to finish, the journey was informed by the partnership between So Interactive and Ocean Basket, ensuring we worked together to get the best result. This also meant we were able to tell the Ocean Basket story for audiences near and far, from the first moment they arrive on the site, right through to their dining experiences in-store.

Check out and to see how we purpose-built each site for its intended audience, and visit for impactful ideas, bold experiences, and comprehensive digital strategies.

23 Jun 2022 09:35