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Solving the puzzle CUBE - Collaboration for elevation

Nearly half a century after its humble invention by an Hungarian architect, the Rubik's Cube retains its title as the most popular puzzle in the world, with an impact that far exceeds the deceptive simplicity of the cube itself. Its appeal is rooted not only in the challenge it poses, but in the nearly limitless number of solutions, with every end turning into a new beginning.
Solving the puzzle CUBE - Collaboration for elevation

The Rubik’s Cube serves as the inspiration from which the idea for CUBE Engineered, an enterprise engineering start-up, was born. The brainchild of Andreas de Boer, the intention was to use the association to the puzzle as a means of embodying the business’ ability to artfully manage the highly challenging and often complex process of change management and implementation in any business.

Solving the puzzle CUBE - Collaboration for elevation

In spite of knowing where to begin, CUBE sought the expertise of So Interactive to take their highly complex business and translate it into something powerful, yet simple. Through the unique process of the SoCollab sessions, the So Interactive team were able to work closely with CUBE to extract, challenge, synergise, discover and develop the fundamental truth of their brand, from which a brand strategy was crafted and streamlined for success.

Solving the puzzle CUBE - Collaboration for elevation

In much the same way the Rubik’s Cube’s inventor would say he “discovered” the puzzle, as opposed to inventing it, the collaboration between So Interactive and CUBE allowed them to discover that CUBE’s multifaceted divisions and processes were more aligned to the subtlety and challenge of solving a Chinese puzzle box. This change in concept prompted the development of a more vibrant colour palette, ultimately resulting in six high-impact brand tones that could be applied to each side of the CUBE. Six icons were also developed, each with the intention of speaking to the core elements of the CUBE solution.

Additionally, So Interactive teamed up with their partners at MakeReign and collaborated to produce a website that brings the new brand vision for CUBE to life in a clean, interactive, and professional way, while celebrating the power and simplicity of the solutions they deliver to the businesses and people with whom they work.

Solving the puzzle CUBE - Collaboration for elevation

“I was really impressed with So Interactive’s ability to collaborate with our team to produce a result that turned something quite complex into a brand and a brand strategy that is clear, beautiful, and meaningful,” says Andreas de Boer, the founder of CUBE Engineered.

“At So Interactive, we know marketing and we know that our clients know their business. The space between these two things is a space in which we encourage collaboration and communication in order to understand the true challenge and its ideal solution, ultimately setting their brand up for success,” says Darren Mansour, So Interactive’s digital director.

To view the CUBE Engineered website, click here: Contact So Interactive for bold ideas, creative experiences, and digital strategies that will rise to – and overcome – any challenge.

1 Dec 2021 14:59