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Podcasts haven't significantly impacted sales - until now

Ahead of the in_Podcast conference taking place online this Thursday, 25 November, we talk to Jon Savage, one of the keynote speakers about what to expect from the event.
Jon Savage Founder In_Broadcasting, one of the keynote speakers at in_Podcast taking place next Thursday 25 Nov online
Jon Savage Founder In_Broadcasting, one of the keynote speakers at in_Podcast taking place next Thursday 25 Nov online

Podcasts have been around for many years without having a major impact on commerce and the businesses that trade in it.

Which is why many believe podcasts don’t attract new customers, and podcasts don’t impact sales. But they are, according to analogue radio icon and now digital audio trailblazer, Jon Savage, wrong. And he has the case studies to prove it.

“Anyone who says podcasting can’t attract new customers for a brand from a demographic which has previously actively ignored that brand has not yet experienced the many podcasts that are managing to do it quietly and lethally,” he said.

“We’ve worked on many of them so we have seen the analytics. Take our AMPD by Old Mutual podcast as an example of infiltrating a massive demographic and introducing a brand this consumer group previously would not engage with.

“And anyone who says a podcast can’t impact sales has yet to witness what MacG has done for many of our clients, including Jeep.

“Granted, I’ll admit that not all podcasts are as successful as these two. And that for a podcast to do great things for a brand takes considerable planning and a willingness to innovate. But, as soon as the penny drops and you get behind that awesome concept, you’re flying.”

Old Mutual, a major financial services institution with a strong association of being old-school, had struggled to engage with the youth. But HaveYouHeard created the AMPD Studios in Newtown Johannesburg for budding musicians seeking to learn from living legends and cut their own demo discs.

“This was the foot-in-the-door. It swung wide open when we released The AMPD podcast series featuring Nasty C. This quickly became the Number 1 podcast series on the podcast charts in eight African countries (including SA), and stayed there for three months, reaching exponentially larger and larger audiences.

“It introduced the youth to Old Mutual in a whole new way, captured the youth’s imagination and got them talking about and with Old Mutual while managing to have a direct impact on sales for the Old Mutual Money Account.

“As importantly, it and other podcasts like it saw that the brand had an impact on the youth culture and gathered significant leads for the institution at way lower than expected costs,” said Savage.

“Turning to the other example I mentioned, Podcast & Chill, it kicked off in 2018 and, 244 episodes later in 2021, it has 166,000 followers on YouTube, 34,000 on Twitter and a further 22,000 on Instagram as well as an enviable track record of making the Top 10 Favourite SA Podcasts lists.

“More importantly, when MacG says ‘jump’, the audience asks ‘how high?’. This reaped significant rewards for Jeep Apparel, which was just dipping its toe in the podcasting pool. It took just one single 30-second campaign to help launch the Jeep Apparel store overnight.”

Savage is one of the keynote speakers at in_Podcast. which takes place online and in Clubhouse on November 25. He intends sharing with you what it takes to emulate Old Mutual’s success.

MacG is another speaker. Wouldn’t you like to ask him what makes his audience tick, and how you can use that information and his podcast to impact your business?

For the full in_Podcast agenda and to book tickets visit or Quicket, and learn more about Savage’s revolutionary thinking at

Other speakers at the conference will be covering different aspects of podcasting. The line-up includes the currently very controversial Gareth Cliff from Cliff Central, Podcaster Simmi Areff from ‘Lesser-Known Somebodies’, MacG from Podcast & Chill with MacG, and Chris Borain from United Stations.

The 2-hour livestream will also include recent, real-world campaign case studies that offer insight into the medium, production challenges and hacks, lessons in building communities and how to tune in to what the audience really cares about.

Directly after the conference, delegates can join the speakers on Clubhouse for a lively Q&A session.

“If you work in marketing, run a brand, want to find more meaningful and affordable ways to connect with audiences, or want to get the jump on the next trend in media and production, this conference is going to offer you a lot of value,” said Savage.

The in_Podcast conference will take place online on 25 November.

For the full agenda and to book tickets visit or Quicket.

Learn more about in_Broadcasting at

22 Nov 2021 10:25