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Logitech works with you - wherever you work

For many of us, 2020 brought about a drastic change in the way we work - and where we work, too. Being thrust into working-from-home forced each of us to review the spaces we inhabit in order to make things work better, while we continued to work hard (if not harder than before).
Logitech works with you - wherever you work

Logitech, an innovative computer equipment company, required an impactful idea that fulfilled several key business objectives: to capture consumer data for the purposes of remarketing; to keep the Logitech brand and products top-of-mind; to create a positive association with the brand; and localise it within the South African market, driving product engagement and range education.

Inspired by Logitech’s mission to bring quality and intelligent design to the demands of any individual’s every day work life, So Interactive focused on the functionality of their products, which aim to be as flexible as we need to suit our new – and increasingly fluid – work situations. Using this as inspiration, we created the ‘Work Anywhere’ social media campaign, showcasing impactful visuals and crisp, witty messaging that introduces Logitech’s products, while building brand awareness in a memorable way.

Logitech works with you - wherever you work

“Diving deep into the challenge faced by the brand, and working closely with the team in terms of understanding their range and vision, we were able to craft a campaign that recognises the measures we’ve each needed to take in order to work literally anywhere,” says Darren Mansour, So Interactive’s executive digital director.

While the campaign is still underway, the interim results indicate that So Interactive and Logitech are onto a winning idea, with 3.3 million impressions and 108,000 engagements achieved in the first month. And in much the same way that Logitech is able to provide products that fit the needs of the modern working world, so too can So Interactive claim to provide tailor-made and intelligent campaigns that understand the challenges you face and deliver results that speak for themselves.

Check out for more details and contact So Interactive for bold ideas, creative experiences, and digital strategies that rise to any challenge.

12 Oct 2021 16:51