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The power of a healthy working environment

I've worked in media for many years, and I've had my fair share of different working environments at agencies both big and small. But it was only when I joined Wavemaker that I realised that the key to getting people management right lies in creating a sense of family, and respecting and prioritising diversity and inclusion.
Lerato Modisakeng, the head of digital performance at Wavemaker
Lerato Modisakeng, the head of digital performance at Wavemaker

At Wavemaker, I’ve learnt what it means to work in a healthy and happy working environment. Here are some of the key characteristics:

  • The energy from every single being in the business is welcoming and warm.
  • Support structures exist from every angle and across every department.
  • When the human in you crumbles, your work family is there to help you.
  • Everyone understands and is committed to “all hands on deck” when it’s needed.
  • You don’t have to constantly watch your back.
  • You’re able to learn something new every day
  • You’re encouraged to be your best self and to work towards being the best in your field.
  • Everyone accepts how different you are and diversity is celebrated.
  • The company facilitates a wide range of local and regional opportunities, and allows you to network and be part of initiatives beyond your imagination.

If you’re in a leadership position, it’s important to remember the knock-on effects of creating a healthy work environment. If your employees are happy at work, they’re more likely to produce their best results, which will make your clients happy and lead to return work. Your business is nothing without its people – they have to come first.

I’m such a big dreamer, I expect that all businesses should know this simple fact. As South Africans, we all understand the concept of ubuntu, surely we must know that this has to exist in working environments too? But then I’m reminded that, despite the name, common sense isn’t so common. So here’s a reminder to all the leaders out there: take care of your people and they will take care of you.

3 Sep 2021 14:06


About the author

Lerato Modisakeng is the head of digital performance at Wavemaker.