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LevelFox - Media24's new home for SA gamers

From the latest video game releases to news on new technology, industry developments and gaming tournaments, LevelFox - Media24's gaming news and lifestyle website - aims to be the new home of South African gamers.
LevelFox - Media24's new home for SA gamers

“We have a massive gap in the market for a premier gaming outlet that speaks to you and me – the gamers of South Africa,” says Clinton ‘Wolf’ Nortje, the brainchild behind LevelFox. Clinton describes himself as an “old-school gamer” who has grown up with the industry. From owning an early Atari system when he was younger to being an avid PC gamer today with his Nintendo Switch nearby for gaming on the go, he’s lived through the evolution of gaming consoles and industry trends. “Gaming for me is a lifestyle, one that has shaped me as a person.”

More than a hobby

"Gaming has grown in leaps and bounds over the decades, and this hobby has turned into more than a passion for many people,” explains sports and gaming journalist Jason Acar. “Gaming provides something special that no other entertainment product can match. LevelFox arrives at a time where the South African gaming scene needs a spotlight and a home, and we are confident that all the nocturnal creatures out there will join us in making this site something special.”

In addition to the site being run by a group of passionate gamers, LevelFox has aligned itself with top industry professionals, including the African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) and renowned local podcasters, streamers and gaming journalists to create a uniquely local experience.

On the site, you can expect to find the biggest stories around the most popular topics in the world of gaming, along with articles tackling the issues that directly impact the gaming scene on the tip of the African continent.

To learn more, visit LevelFox online or follow its on social media:

10 Aug 2021 09:03