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An online platform to help young South African women land the career of their dreams

Last year (remember 2019?), thanks to a wealth of stats from Careers24 and a growing global zeitgeist around female-focused career conferences, Danielle Weakley launched Go Hustle with a small team of equally committed hustlers at Media24.
An online platform to help young South African women land the career of their dreams

Go Hustle is an online platform of empowerment and entrepreneurship for young South African women to land the career of their dreams. The content platform is supported by social media and offline experiences that offer networking, education, information and inspiration.

As Danielle Weakley says: “Our goal is to inspire and advise a new generation of young female leaders to own their power, their finances and their career journey. And we do this not just by harnessing the collective power of our network of experts, but also by allowing the entrepreneurial trailblazers who paved the way in business and corporate locally to be lauded and to offer their mentorship and experience.

“At Go Hustle, you will find the answers to many of your burning questions, but more importantly, you’ll meet a network of similar-minded women hustling to get their start; stretch their wings or take the next leap.”

Go Hustle hosted just two – albeit inspiring - networking events heading into 2020 when Covid struck. The team quickly changed tack and translated the events calendar into a virtual one, hosting regular pop-up #WFH Social Club events throughout lock-down. The line-up has been stellar, with local and international guest talking everything from finance and budgets to loneliness, goal-setting, boundaries, personal journey stories.

“Thanks to this need for connection this year,” Danielle continues, “we also launched a podcast series and our newsletters, all of which add to the experience.”

Join the conversation and join the growing network.
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6 Nov 2020 17:39