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Red & Yellow interrogates how schools prepare youth for the unpredictable future with a new event

Is the existing SA high school curriculum truly preparing the next-gen workforce with the appropriate digital and tech-focused skills?

In a little time, technology has revolutionised the way we exist in the world and it’s only getting more pervasive. Higher education, especially independent players, are adapting to this new reality far quicker than secondary schools, meaning that most matriculants aren’t prepared with the ‘hard’ technical skills, the ‘soft’ human skills and the resilient approach needed for the next-generation working world.

The Capitec Foundation Trust shares Red & Yellow’s passionate commitment for equipping students with future-focused skills and industry-relevant practical know-how. As an independent institution, we are deeply grateful to receive their sponsorship for our event, Gearing Schools for the Unpredictable Future on 19 March 2020. This kind of industry-support allows us to drive valuable transformation through education, without the back-up of government funding.

The Capitec Foundation was established in 2015 as an independent, non-profit organisation. One of their missions is to “develop school leaders within educational institutions in the communities that Capitec Bank serves.” To this end, Red & Yellow and Capitec have joined forces to host four hard-hitting speakers to explore if it’s possible to work within the set curriculums and drive internal policies that foster progressive skills and aptitudes like creative and critical thinking, empathy, conflict resolution, negotiation and leadership.

First up is Bruce Probyn, known for his charismatic and empathetic leadership style. With 26 years as a school principal, and seven years heading up The Principals Academy as head coach, Probyn is focused on mentoring for change.

Followed by CEO of Heavy Chef, Fred Roed. Roed is super-smart, funny, and fearless when it comes to fighting for things that really matter – education being top of his list. After founding a successful digital agency, he turned his full attention to a different project. Heavy Chef is a learning platform for entrepreneurs, focused on engineering regular learning, leadership and tech experiences in a variety of formats.

The third speaker is Mari Lategan, executive marketing and communications at Curro Holdings. She has an impressive track record in the media industry, including publisher of the women’s magazine division at Media24 and founder of In Context, a strategic business and communications consultancy.

Last but not least is business leader, entrepreneur and international expert on youth entrepreneurship and social innovation, Ian Calvert. His talk, Future-proofing our youth: balancing technology with humanity, is based on 32 years of experience and his passion to build purpose-driven entrepreneurs, equipped with the capacity and resilience to achieve their full potential in this unpredictable future.

If you’re a principal, teacher, guidance counsellor or are in any way interested in education, don’t miss this event.

When: 19 March, 3.30–7.30pm
Where: Red & Yellow, 2nd Floor, 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River
Tickets: With Capitec’s generous sponsorship, ticket prices are only R100 with all the proceeds going towards our bursary fund.

If you have any queries or would like to get in touch, please contact Nikki on 0872 273 283.

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26 Feb 2020 11:38