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Bacon... It's a sign!

Burger King rebrands for the launch of bacon in SA
Bacon... It's a sign!

It’s business as usual at Burger King®, or is it? The brand is still committed to using only the freshest ingredients, 100% pure beef patties and quality over quantity, but something is different.

If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it:

In a bold move to mark the launch of Bacon King at 40 Burger King® restaurants across the country, Burger King® has rebranded and changed its signage to ‘Bacon King’ at several restaurants.

“You spoke, we listened,” says Ezelna Jones, Group Marketing Executive at Burger King® SA, “and after some extensive research, we’ve added the Bacon King to the menu. But we didn’t stop there, we’re changing our name to Bacon King in a move that seems only fitting to mark the launch period of bacon in South Africa.”

Bacon King restaurants can be found at Cape Gate Lifestyle and Rembrandt Mall (Paarl) in the Western Cape. In Gauteng, head to Northmead (Benoni), Kolonnade Retail Park and Vanderbijl Park to see the ‘new’ restaurants.

The new Bacon King burger is smothered with mayonnaise and ketchup, followed by three rashers of crispy bacon, and a layer of cheese on a 100% pure beef patty, and another layer of cheese with another 100% pure beef patty again, nestled between a fresh bun with sesame seeds.

For those who are ever loyal to the WHOPPER® and other sandwiches on the extensive Burger King® menu, they will have the option of adding bacon too.

With the introduction of bacon, Burger King has implemented a dual-restaurant model which means 40 restaurants across the country will now serve bacon and 55 restaurants remain Halaal-certified, without bacon. “We worked closely with the Halaal certification body, SHURA (MAJLISUSH SHURA AL-ISLAMI), used data and insight from our in-house GIS Retail Market Analyst, and conducted several months of Kantar research before we decided to add bacon. Burger King® is committed to catering to the needs of all of our different customer segments,” explains Jones.

In addition to bacon, Burger King® guests have also requested more variety for those who follow a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. “At Burger King® we want to be for everyone. It is part of our ongoing strategy to expand our menu offering in the future and this includes adding vegetarian and plant based options soon.”

For more information, or to see find a Burger King® restaurant that caters to your needs, follow this

18 Sep 2019 11:39