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With Equinity, it's anything but a day at the races

The clatter of the opening gates. The thunder of horses' hooves across the earth. The dance with lady luck and the scattered stubs of fortunes made and lost. This is the thrill of horseracing. This is what makes Equinity tick.
With Equinity, it's anything but a day at the races

It’s not called the king of sports for nothing. Horseracing is steeped in tradition and rich in history. A history and tradition that Equinity has a great passion and appreciation for.

That’s why they’ve made it their mission to add a new chapter to the sport’s illustrious story by changing the way things are done.

It all began one night at a race track. It was quiet and eerily empty. Yet there was an underlying tension, an intensity and energy in the air. There, bathed in floodlights, the horses appeared in all their majestic beauty. That was the moment that sparked Equinity’s amazing journey to transform the sport and attract a whole new audience.

Equinity’s love for racing lies at the heart of everything they do. To innovate and push for change, to move the sport forward into a new era. They started by scrutinizing every aspect of horseracing. Questioning every long-held belief and challenging every norm in order to create an experience unlike any other. But never forgetting what it’s ultimately about. Horseracing.

More specifically, night-time horse racing. Night-time horseracing had been introduced a number of years before but had not attracted the audience organizers had hoped for. This proved to be the perfect challenge for Equinity. An opportunity to celebrate the power, beauty and presence of these magnificent creatures under lights and thereby change the dynamic of the sport forever. They like to call it Reality Racing.

With multiple cameras mounted along the race track, together with drones, Equinity are the first and only event to provide guests with three different views of each race at the same time. All projected onto massive screens in the Equinity hospitality areas. And then there’s the performances. Each original-themed event combines artists, dancers and performers with lighting and music to create a provocative, multi-sensory symphony of emotion.

Equinity have not been alone on their journey to reimagine the sport. For 2019, they’ve partnered with the Racing Association for the Jockey’s International Challenge that will see a team of South Africa’s best rider’s pit their talents against a team of legendary international jockeys. Tellytrack also joined this racing revolution, bringing a refreshing willingness to try new things. They provide the state-of-art technology used at the events to broadcast the races and their experienced crew integrate footage from the drones that provides an enthralling new perspective to experiencing a horse race.

Equinity’s relentless spirit of innovation shows no sign of letting up any time soon with several new ideas in the pipeline. None more so than short format racing. This year, the idea is to incorporate two 800 metre races with quicker turn-around times to ramp up the excitement and there’s even talk of hosting a T20-styled team-based racing event in the near future.

To the team at Equinity though, it’s all part of the plan to attract a massive new audience to the sport of racing.

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8 Aug 2019 13:27