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Burger King brings new kids campaign to life with augmented reality

Burger King launches new BK® Gone Wild collectable cards brought to life through AR
Burger King brings new kids campaign to life with augmented reality

Following the successful launch of the BK® Dino Cards campaign, Burger King® South Africa has introduced a new set of collectable cards available at restaurants nationwide, dubbed BK® Gone Wild.

The cards are supported by an application developed by bizAR Reality available to Android and iOS users.
Ezelna Jones, Group Marketing Executive at Burger King® SA explains that the campaign was launched with the intention of capturing the imagination of its young guests through an interactive platform and educating them about the planet’s precious animals in an engaging way. “Alongside bizAR we were able to bring 25 endangered species to life using Augmented Reality.”

The collectables range from the vulnerable Blue Whale Shark, the endangered Giant Panda, the near-threatened Emperor Penguin and critically-endangered Black Rhino.

Anthony Eva from BizAR Reality explains that technology and, more specifically Augmented Reality, is a great way to introduce inquisitive minds to a new way of learning. “The BK® Gone Wild App gives kids a platform to interact with animals in 3D environments, as well as learn fun facts and play educational games.”

Jones adds that as part of its longer-term strategy, BK® SA is focused on developing the kids’ platform which includes introducing exciting educational toys and a variety of wholesome meals and snacks to the menu. “We take great pride in serving our guests with good food, fast. Our beef and chicken products contain no GMO’s, preservatives, or any other nasty ingredients, and our strategy to expand the kid’s menu will be no different. We look forward to introducing more variety that our young guests will love”.

All guests will receive a pack of three collectable cards with each King JR™ meal purchase.

Link to the App here:

6 Jun 2019 14:52