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Omni HR Consulting announces CSR flagship project for 2019

Announced by Megan Hultzer, the Corporate Social Responsibility Executive at Omni HR Consulting: "Our flagship project for 2019 takes place in the township of Nyanga, often referred to as 'the murder capital of the world'." The 12th of April marks the official opening of the Nyanga Message Hub.
Omni HR Consulting announces CSR flagship project for 2019

In our desire to make a difference in the community, we realise this cannot be done alone or in isolation. Omni has partnered with The Message Trust by funding the infrastructure in the form of a local office (for The Message) that will also function as a classroom. The funds will further be used to run various after school programmes as well as provide each learner with a nutritious meal, daily. The aim of the after-school programmes is to assist youth to gain access to both further education and workplace opportunities. “Operating in the further education and training space, we experience first-hand the barriers to growth and development our adult learners face when they do not meet the fundamental entry level requirements for the programmes they want to enroll in,” says Hultzer.

As the project unfolds, our aim is to capture the moments of transformation within the community. Periodic updates will be provided through the Omni website on:

Should you wish to get involved (in any way or form) or simply want more information about this project, please get in touch with Megan Hultzer on moc.crhinmo@nagem or (021) 685 9160

12 Apr 2019 14:02