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Rianette Leibowitz announced as PRISA's new Accreditation Committee chairperson

The Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) hosted its annual Accreditation Committee (APR) AGM on 21 June 2017 at the PRISA head office.
Rianette Leibowitz - Photo courtesy of the Workspace, Aubrey Jonsson
Rianette Leibowitz - Photo courtesy of the Workspace, Aubrey Jonsson

PRISA President Kavitha Kalicharan, APR, welcomed the new Accreditation Committee chairperson, Rianette Leibowitz, APR. Leibowitz has taken over from Linda Weaver, APR, who has served her two-year term as the committee chairman.

Linda stated that, “The Accreditation Committee is the exclusive club of like-minded professionals who share the highest level of PRISA-based accreditation. The designation holds an NQF level seven and is recognised on an international level.” She said that she has faith in Rianette to take over this new role.

Concluding her address, Leibowitz said, “When you are passionate about PR, you want to see it thrive and upheld to the right stature. We as APRs should really be proud of how far we have come and of the power we have as professionals."

PRISA thanks Linda Weaver, APR, outgoing chairman for her commitment over the past two years.

29 Jun 2017 13:32