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Urban Brew Studios employee among International Emmy Awards judges

Urban Brew Studios would like to congratulate their chief content officer, Markus Davies, who was selected as an International Emmy Awards juror this year. Davies who was invited by Academy Member Leopold Hoesch to join the Academy of Arts and Television as a full time member in 2014, was also a juror in the semi-final round of the Emmy Awards last year.
Urban Brew Studios employee among International Emmy Awards judges

In June this year he travelled to Cologne, Germany to participate on the panel judging "Current Affairs and News”. Davies says it was a great honour to be invited as a juror for the second time, “Being able to be in a position to judge some of the world’s best content is always a fantastic honour, but it comes with real gravitas and responsibility. The process is tough, and the Academy demands of you a fair and just evaluation: remember, the Emmy is a very serious award. Thousands of filmmakers around the world aim to be recognised by this award.”

Davies says that the category of Current Affairs is very close to his heart, having produced a documentary called “Battle Ground Afghanistan” in 2012. This doccie was itself nominated by National Geographic to contend for a Prime Time US Emmy in the category “Current Affairs”.

Urban Brew’s CEO Trish Taylor says, “Markus who has been involved in the film and television industry since 1996, has extensive experience in film making and this honour is well-deserved and comes as no surprise to us. Markus, who is a producer and director, is also an active participant in the Global broadcasting business with a finger on the pulse in the industry and as such we believe a compelling Emmy Awards juror.”

16 Sep 2016 14:47


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