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Greatstock and Publicis Machine team up for the bigger picture

It takes a team to mastermind - and execute - a unique TV commercial. Visual solutions provider, Greatstock, recently joined forces with Publicis Machine to create a commercial for financial services group, PSG. The ad, 'The Power of Bigger Picture Thinkers', weaves together the incredible story of legendary race car driver Sir Stirling Moss, to highlight the importance of planning ahead.

Scene setting

Greatstock and Publicis Machine team up for the bigger picture
Greatstock and Publicis Machine team up for the bigger picture
Greatstock and Publicis Machine team up for the bigger picture

The commercial is set at the Mille Miglia motor race in Brescia, Italy, in 1955. Moss’s navigator, Dennis Jenkinson, used a novel Roller-Map to communicate clearly with Moss and expertly lead the pair to victory by tracking and predicting every twist and turn of the narrow road. The commercial required rare historical footage, so Publicis Machine turned to Greatstock to source and license it.

Chief Researcher for Greatstock, Nikki Griffiths, spent months working on the project. The sourced motion footage was used for the final moments of the ad, showing Moss crossing the finish line. The original footage also provided the most accurate reference material to inform the crafting and shooting of the ad by Fresh Eye Films.

Research and reality

“Our search included many important international sources, but we searched far beyond these,” says Griffiths. “We uncovered several interesting and obscure resources, which yielded some rare footage.

“The black-and-white film of the 1950s wasn’t the ideal resolution for modern HD screens,” explains Griffiths. “We rescanned the footage to HD format, while still retaining its vintage appeal and authenticity.”

The finely crafted commercial recreates the unmistakable events of the race, down to the finest detail – scenery, fashion and characters. Fresh Eye’s Jonathan Parkinson and Nicole Ackerman provided expert direction for the shoot, with creative direction from Gareth McPherson, Brenda Hoffman and production assistance from Caz Friedman.

The result is an authentic and powerful commercial that speaks to PSG’s dedication to innovative thinking and collaboration towards successful, profitable partnerships.

As the leading provider of visual solutions in South Africa, Greatstock’s services include in-depth film research and expert rights and clearances services. Greatstock also has an extensive collection of creative and editorial stills and motion clips. In 2015, Greatstock assisted King James in securing the rights to footage of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman for Sanlam’s ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ TV commercial – just one of the many projects they’ve made possible.

To view the commercial online, click here. For more information on Greatstock’s extensive motion footage services, click here. For an opportunity to speak to Greatstock Managing Director Margi Sheard about the power of motion footage in storytelling, email moc.nallugdnanallug@edyaj.

6 Apr 2016 12:19