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Greatstock and TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban collaborate for inspired recruitment

When TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban went on the hunt for a new art director, they began the search directly in the space where they knew top art directors would be found - searching for visual inspiration on

Leading visual solutions provider, Greatstock, has an extensive collection of local and international visual content, making it the natural port of call for superb imagery for the creative industry.

With the help of the Greatstock team, TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban paired unusual images with bold, entertaining headlines designed to catch the attention of potential art directors surfing the Greatstock website. Through this campaign, TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban and Greatstock hope inspired creatives will visit the website, find the perfect visual and, ultimately, the perfect job.

"While surfers are easy to find in Durban, art directors are not - so we decided to go where art directors spend their time," says Elton Arnot, Creative Director for TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban. "Our philosophy is 'challenging convention'. This campaign felt like the right way to find the kind of person that would fit in at TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban." So far, the agency has had over 100 applications through the campaign.

"There was great synergy in the planning and implementation of this innovative project - we're delighted with the results," says Margi Sheard, Managing Director of Greatstock. "We work extensively with art directors from the industry to help find and shoot the perfect imagery for campaigns and projects. In this instance, we were able to use our image search engine to help a creative agency seek out incredible talent by tapping into the Greatstock user base."

The unique mechanism reflects a global trend of 'super-targeting' in which employers team up with creatives to reach only the individuals that perfectly fit the position to be filled. This progressive approach to recruitment is unusual and integrative - and when combined with a leading visual solutions provider like Greatstock, delivers great results.

See the Be Our Art Director campaign here. For more information, or to begin searching Greatstock's range of editorial, creative and feature images and motion imagery, visit

5 Jun 2015 08:01