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Greatstock masters content management - so you don't have to

Amid the data explosion, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands, creative agencies and large organisations alike to keep track of all of their collateral. South Africa's leading source of highly relevant images and rich media, Greatstock, directly addresses this challenge, providing its solutions to many leading South African brands.

Greatstock's Media Asset Management is a unique service that creates and maintains customisable corporate intranets and websites which act as private content libraries for adverts, images, videos and other media. The service gives easy, yet controlled, access to personnel all over the world.

"Many organisations have diverse content spanning decades, which previously made it difficult to source these valuable assets without a professional system and experienced team managing their archiving. The Greatstock solutions manage many thousands of media assets, and ensures easy 24/7 access for their owners," explains MD of Greatstock, Margi Sheard.

Cohesive brand identity

"Centralised brand management is essential when it comes to ensuring a cohesive brand identity is implemented across all collateral - this is particularly important when you operate in more than one region," says Sheard.

Greatstock's comprehensive service offerings are designed to provide relevant, professional support to its clients. Beyond media asset management, other Greatstock services include specialist content research, rights and clearances, full spectrum analogue and digital media storage and full-scale media production.

"At Greatstock, we pride ourselves on being able to meet all of our clients' rich media and content needs - from sourcing and production to collating, storing and management," concludes Sheard.

Greatstock has provided imagery, motion and a wide range of content sourcing and management services for 30 years in South Africa. For more information about Greatstock's services, visit

18 Sep 2014 13:09