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Oppo unveils ColorOS 14: An advanced Android 14 upgrade

Oppo is excited to announce the launch of ColorOS 14, its latest operating system based on Android 14. This significant update introduces an array of features, including an optimised Aquamorphic Design, AI-driven enhancements, and comprehensive performance upgrades. Since its inception in 2013, ColorOS has amassed over 600 million global monthly active users, continuously evolving to offer exceptional user experiences. ColorOS 14 is available for various popular Oppo devices such as the Oppo Find N3 Flip, Oppo A57s, Oppo A57, Reno8 Pro 5G, Reno10 Pro+ 5G, Reno10 5G, Oppo A98, and Oppo A77. This rollout brings an array of improvements and new functionalities, further enriching the user experience.
Oppo unveils ColorOS 14: An advanced Android 14 upgrade

Revamped user interface

ColorOS 14 includes a refined user interface featuring the evolved Aquamorphic Design. This design integrates new sound effects, color schemes, and interactions. Through collaborations with leading sound design teams, Oppo introduces Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and cohesive global UI sound designs, ensuring a unified audio experience across all devices.

Wallpaper changes

Android 14 introduces exciting changes to wallpaper customisation. Users can now use emoji expressions as wallpapers, and when tapping the screen, the emojis on the wallpaper will interact, adding an element of fun and uniqueness. Additionally, Android 14 adds an AI-generated wallpaper function, allowing users to enjoy AI-generated wallpapers that align with their preferences, although this function is currently limited to Google Pixel devices.

Enhanced Aquamorphic Coloring system

Building on its predecessor, ColorOS 14 enhances the Aquamorphic Coloring system to intelligently adapt colors based on screen content, time, and device status. This adaptive coloring system enhances information accessibility and user engagement, ensuring a more intuitive interface experience.

Intuitive Aqua Dynamics

The introduction of Aqua Dynamics within ColorOS 14 revolutionises user interactions. Through intuitive bubbles, capsules, and panels presenting information seamlessly, users experience minimal disruption while navigating their devices.

Environmentally conscious features

In line with its commitment to environmental awareness, ColorOS 14 elevates the acclaimed "Homeland" Always-On Display with "GO Green AOD." This feature showcases environmental animations, encouraging climate consciousness tied to users' daily step counts.

AI-powered efficiency

Smart Touch, an AI-driven feature, simplifies content collection and organisation. The Smart Sidebar's File Dock facilitates effortless content sharing across various apps and devices, enhancing overall productivity.

Innovative Image Matting

ColorOS 14 introduces Smart Image Matting, allowing users to crop subjects from images or paused videos, edit them, and share or personalise wallpapers and posters.

Optimised performance with Trinity Engine

The Trinity Engine in ColorOS 14 optimises performance by efficiently managing resources. With ROM Vitalization for storage, RAM Vitalization for multi-app efficiency, and CPU Vitalization for balanced performance and power consumption, users can expect a smoother, more efficient experience.

Privacy protection and additional features

ColorOS 14 prioritises user privacy by integrating Android 14's privacy capabilities. The Picture Keeper feature safeguards personal photos and videos from app misuse.

Enhanced connectivity with Snapchat

Expanding connectivity options, ColorOS 14 introduces Snapchat lock-screen shortcuts and a Shelf widget, providing quick access to updates on friends' messages, status, and location. Furthermore, ColorOS 14 incorporates Snapchat and Bitmoji AOD, ensuring swift app navigation and instant updates. Overall, it delivers a mobile experience that is both comprehensive and user-centric.

Avashnee Moodley, Head of Marketing at Oppo South Africa, states, “With the introduction of Android 14-based ColorOS 14, Oppo reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge user experiences. The availability of these upgrades for a range of devices showcases our dedication to enhancing smartphone capabilities continuously. Oppo users can anticipate enjoying these innovative features and improvements, maximising their device's potential.”

1 Feb 2024 13:04