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Point Group secures title sponsorship of Upper Highway Trail Marathon 2023

Reaffirming commitment to community, sustainability, and the KZN region
Point Group secures title sponsorship of Upper Highway Trail Marathon 2023

Strategic marketing services partner, Point Group, is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Upper Highway Trail Marathon (UHTM) 2023, in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday, 9 December 2023. The iconic, community-focused trail marathon links many of the Upper Highway’s amazing trails and conservancies. This sponsorship not only highlights Point Group’s unwavering commitment to the KZN community but also underscores the alignment of values and ethos shared with the event.

Since its inception, Point Group has been deeply rooted in KZN. “Over the years, we've witnessed and contributed to the dynamic growth and resilience of this region,” said Dermot Latimer, CEO of Point Group. “By sponsoring the UHTM 2023, we’re reinforcing our dedication to a region that has been pivotal to our success. Since all proceeds raised are donated to the conservancies to help sustain, support and showcase the area’s natural beauty, it’s a heartfelt gesture to give back and uplift.”

The UHTM 2023 is more than just a race. It symbolises perseverance, community spirit, and unwavering determination – values that perfectly resonate with Point Group’s beliefs. Furthermore, the marathon's commitment to environmental sustainability mirrors Point Group’s own dedication to community development and sustainable practices.

Point Group secures title sponsorship of Upper Highway Trail Marathon 2023

Debuting in 2022, the race welcomed 400 runners and successfully raised R87,000 for local conservancies. Touted as “more challenging than Comrades”, it's perfectly positioned to carve its niche as one of the country's premier trail marathons. This year, while prioritising the conservation integrity, the event is set to expand its capacity to 500 entrants, with an ambitious goal to contribute R100,000 to the neighbouring conservancies.

“We are very excited to be working with Point Group for UHTM 2023. There is great synergy between the UHTM and the Point Group values. The sponsorship will not only make it a more memorable event for participants and supporters alike, but empower UHTM to give back even more to its trail partners. The UHTM team is very grateful to have the support of such a significant sponsor and from the local trail running community after the inaugural event in 2022,” said Stuart Clark, Upper Highway Trail Marathon.

Point Group aims to further solidify relationships with stakeholders by aligning with this event. “We see this not just as a sponsorship but as a partnership. A confluence of mutual respect, shared values, and a vision for a brighter, sustainable future,” commented Latimer.

As the region gears up for the marathon in December, participants and attendees can look forward to experiencing first-hand Point Group’s commitment to the community and the environment. A series of community outreach and sustainability initiatives leading up to the marathon day are in the pipeline.

Point Group invites everyone to join in celebrating this partnership and the spirit of the UHTM 2023. The race will be hosted on Saturday, 9 December 2023, by Camp Orchards, Hillcrest. Enter here:

17 Aug 2023 14:24